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     Shanghai CSOIF Co., Ltd. comprehensively continued all the optical instruments products originally from Shanghai Optical Instruments Factory, we are promoting CSOIF spirit with long history and carrying out its fine resource, and now it has been very a professional manufacturer for optical instruments and processing enterprise for optical apparatus in China.
      Our main products include all kinds of measuring & detection instruments, microscope, physical, analysis, medical and teaching use optical instruments which were widely used in the fields of machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, aviation, astronomy, light industry, agriculture and the departments of science research, education and national defence. Our products had been sold and spread out of China and overseas and were warmly welcomed by the factories and traders worldwide.
      To speed up improving our national manufacture for optical measuring instruments, to construct CSOIF heroic image again, to promote our national and local economic development commonly, we are developing our CSOIF company withstanding of our new investments and resource advantage from China Science Institute so as to repay the society and the deep love from our old and new customer for our products.