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23JA table projector

Ⅰ Use:
   23JA table measuring projector is a middle-grade product in projector series, with simple structure, convenient use and strong adaptability. Using the method of optical projection, it is a synthesized optical measuring instrument that magnifying and projecting the figure of tested part or surface condition to projection screen to carry on figure measuring, comparing measuring, and surface observation. Its main advantages is to use far light path to make illumination more even and eliminate measuring error brought by focusing error. This machine is convenient to maintain, high efficiency and strong adaptability.
   At present, table projector has been widely used in standard measuring, horologe, kinescope, fiber weave, precious stone axletree, instrument component, paper making, refining sugar, junior academy and other fields. Example, it is used in length, diameter and craftwork analysis, integrating welding, laser charactering, silk screen printing, hydraulic airproof ring and many other occasions needing microscope to project and magnify.

Ⅱ Specification and dimension
 1.Projection screen dimension (mm)   ¢300
 2.Zoom multiple of objective 10×  20×  50×  100× (optional)
   Filed of view 30 (mm)    15      6       3
   Working distance(mm)     73.29   50.69   12.8    13.5
 3.Worktable distance (mm)
   Height of tested part ≤60
   Weight of tested part ≤1.5㎏
 4.Division value of micrometer㎜)  0.005
 5.Rotary range of projection screen 0~360°
  Division value 1°
  Division value of nonius   6′
 6.Instrument power supply voltage 220V
 7.Floodlight lamp source  150W/24V
 8.Measuring precision ±(4+L/25)μm
  L: length of tested part (㎜)
  Environment temperature (20 ±5)℃
 9. Overall dimension (㎜)       Length×width×height: 920×480×910

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