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Digital Measuring Microscope 15JF
15 JF measuring microscope (digital display type) is one of the optical measuring instrument, its structure is simple, using direct reading 3 "TFT screen, easy to operate, the applicable scope, main use is as follows:
1. In the rectangular coordinate measuring length, such as the determination of pitch, base distance, groove width, keyway width, slit width, cylindrical hole diameter, and so on.
2. Turn the dial measurement point, such as the dial, sample, gauge, borehole Angle measurement module and complex geometry parts.
3. Used for observation of microscope, for comparison test work surface finish, and rock specimens identification of metallurgical industry. Identification of printing process, inspection of textile fiber, and so on.
1.       Objective、eyepiece and magnifications
Objective lens    Eyepiece Microscope
Diameter field of view
Magnification/Value aperture  Focus (mm) Magnification Focus (mm)
2.5×/ 0.08 43.40 10×
With reticle
25.00 25× 58.84 5.6
10×/ 0.25 17.13 100× 7.81 1.4
2.Measurement table reading device main specifications:
Measurement range                   X-Y: 50×13mm
Micrometer device lattice value            0.01mm
Digital display resolution:  0.001㎜
Measurement table dial division range       0°~360°
Measurement table dial cursor reading value   6′
3.Measurement accuracy:
Instrument indication tolerance ± (5+L/15) μm
L—Length of the objective measured (mm)
Instrument indication error: including measurement error and instrument system errors.
Note: The temperature measurement locations(20° C±3° C)
Size of the main instruments:
Max. Distance between measurement platform and the objective lens: 80mm
Measurement worktable diameter: 120mm
Glass worktable diameter: 80mm
Net weight: 11.5㎏
Gross weight: 13 kg
       Measurement: 38x28x43cm


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