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XGJ-1 mini-type tool microscope
Technical parameter:
1. Zoom multiple of microscope: 30×(eyepiece15×objective2×)
2. Loading worktable: measuring range 50×50mm(2"×2")
3. Dimension of loading worktable: 152×l52mm
4. Effective dimension of loading glass: 96mm×96mm
5. Max. carrying capability (on glass): 5kg
6. Micrometer moving distance of reading installation: 25mm(1")
7. Division value: 0.002mm(0.0001")
8. Focusing: Max. height of workpiece: 110mm
9. Focusing way: manual (coarse adjusting)
10. Illumination installation: transmission illumination installation with green filter, non-level adjusting lightness, reflection illumination installation: singe light inclining reflection illuminating. 
Power supply input: 220V 110V