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107JA precise measuring microscope
    Mimi-type and multi-use precise measuring microscope has the advantages of compact structure, clear imaging and high precision, used to precisely measure planar coordinate and assistant measure Z-direction. This instrument is equipped with ray-adjustable falling reflection, transformation, assistant illumination installation and multi filters, which brings great convenience to measure each kind of complex shape. It may contact to CCD Video-cam , also may contact to computer to carry on data processing.
Zoom multiple of objective and eyepiece (Objective may also choose other zoom multiples: 5×;20×;25×;60×;100×)

PL Objective WBF Dividing eyepiece Working distance Diameter of field  of view Total zoom multiple
Zoom multiple/ Numerical value hole diameter Focus Zoom multiple Focus
4×/0.1 28.8 10× 25㎜ 17.5㎜ Φ4.5㎜ 40×
10×/0.25 15.4 11.6㎜ Φ1.8㎜ 100×
40×/0.65 4.4 0.66㎜ Φ0.45㎜ 400×

2.Measuring worktable 150×150㎜    Glass platform Φ72㎜
  Moving range X-Y-coordinate Separating capability 50×50 ㎜  
  Separating capability 0.001㎜ (digital display)
  Rotary platform 360°discretionarily, Separating capability 5′(nonius)
3.Measuring system: Japanese Mitutoyo metric& British System conversion digital-display micrometer handwheel
                       Z-direction assistant measuring: 0.001㎜/2㎜
4.Drawtube  Double-eyepiece drawtube   Obliquity: 45°   Pupil distance and diopter are adjustable
          Lifting range: coarse adjusting: 90㎜  fine adjusting: 2㎜
5.Illumination system   Transmission, reflection and assistant illuminating: 12W/8V Adjustable  ray  With filter
6.Power supply: 220V / 50Hz    70W