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107JPC precise measuring microscope
Characters of instrument:
  This instrument adopts metal grating ruler and reading head of English RENISHAW Company and is equipped with computer graph processing system. Using video-cam directly collimating on computer screen, it is convenient to operate and strong reliability. Though computer interface an planar measuring program, figure of tested part may be directly displayed on computer screen and edited by AUTOCAD. Planar measuring program includes point, line, circle, arc, beeline, roundness, screw, cam and other measuring functions. This instrument has high zoom multiple. Besides moving in X/Y-coordinates, worktable can also rotate in 360° and measure Z-coordinate. Besides transmission and reflection illuminating, illumination system can also illuminated in inclined ray.
 Main technical specification
Drawtube Coarse adjusting Adjusting range
Fine adjusting Adjusting range
Z-coordinate measuring 0.001mm Min. reading
Drawtube Double-image drawtube
Angle of depression
Worktable X-axis left and right 50mm Moving range
Y-axis front and behind 50mm Moving range
Separating capability 0.5μm
Rotating 360°
Illumination system Lamp-house Transmission illuminating Blue, green filter
Reflection illuminating Frosted bulb green filter
Inclining illuminating 8V,12W
Power supply AC220±10%,50/60HZ
Optical system Eyepiece BWF 10X
Objective Working distance, focus
Working distance, focus
Working distance, focus

   107JPC intelligent planar precise measuring microscope adopts the methods of transmission and reflection to precisely measure length and angle of workpiece, especially suitable for measuring magnetic head, magcard, LSI line width and other precise parts. It is widely used in measure room, production line and science research dept., etc.