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4XC-MS metallographic image analysis system

Whole set of instrument 
(1) Principle part of instrument
(2) Lamp-house group
(3) Eyepiece drawtube
(4) Trinocular interface
(5) Plan objective PL10×,PL25×,PL40×,PL100× oil
(6) Plan eyepiece 10×
(7) Dividing eyepiece 10×
(8) Micrometr
(9) Yellow, green, blue and frosted filter
(10) Composite immersed oil
(11) Loading piece Φ10 mm,Φ20 mm
(12)  Flexible clamp
(13) Dustproof cover
(14) Spare bulb 20W/ 6V 
(15) Spare fuse 0.5A
System configuration:
1. Metallographic microscope: trinocular inverted metallurgical microscope. 4XC
2. Digital adaptor: MCL-D special-purpose microscope and digital camera optical and mechanical interface
3. Digital camera: brand camera, ≥5,000,000pels
4. Image processing system: DH - CG400 image catch card  ( High-separating-capability image real-time gather card, second development software package.)
5. Image analysis system: special-purpose quantitative metallographic analysis computer operating system (SRMAS software)
6. Microcomputer and printer: Lenovo commercial computer, HP1020 laser printer (current popular configuration)


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