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4X I monocular metallographic microscope
  It is used to distinguish and analyse structure of each kind of metal and alloy material, widely used for casting quality appraisal in factory or lab, raw material examination or material after treatment metallographic organization analysis, and research on surface spraying and other superficies.
  This instrument may be matched with photography device to carry on micro photography.
Ⅱ Specification
Sort Zoom multiple Numerical-value aperture System Working distance (mm)
Achromatic objective     10×     0.25 Dry 7.31
Half-plan achromatic objective     40×     0.65 Dry 0.66
Achromatic objective    100×     1.25 Oil O.37
3.Zoom multiple 100×~1250×
4.Length of machinery canister 160mm
5.Fine focusing 
  Adjusting range 7mm
  Division value of reticle 0.002mm
6.Coarse focusing range  7mm
7.Machinery worktable: 75×50mm
8.Illuminating bulb: (6V,2W)Bromine tungsten lamp
9.Weight of instrument: 5kg
10.Volumn of packing box: 360×246×350mm
Ⅲ Whole set of instrument 
1. Principle part of microscope 1
2. Compressed spring of loading worktable 1
3. Loading pieceφ10、φ20、φ42  1
4. Filter(yellow, green, gray or frosted glass) 1
5. Fir oil  1
6. Bulb (bromine tungsten lamp) 2(spare)
7. Eyepiece  10×,12.5×  1
8. Objective  10×,40×,100×  1
9. Monocular drawtube  1
10. 1O× micrometer eyepiece 1
11. Micrometer (Division value: 0.01mm) 1
12. Optional:
Photography device   1