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4XC-V image metallographic microscope

Metallographic microscope is used to distinguish and analyse structure of each kind of metal, alloy material and nonmetal material, widely used for raw material examination c in factory or lab, casting quality appraisal or material after treatment metallographic organization analysis, and research on surface spraying and other superficies. It is an effective measure for metallographic analyzing steel, nonferrous metal material, casting and plating, geological lithofacies analyzing and microcosmic observing and researching on compound and porcelain in chemical field, a necessary instrument for researching on material structure in metal and material study, also is a right-hand of science research and teaching.
   More and more research can not meet the way of common metallographic micrometer and photography. It is a new technology in-phase with nowaday international microscope field that input micro imaging into computer and microprocessor carry on various upper processing.
   Image metallographic microscope or digital metallographic microscope connects to high-clearness CCD photography system or digital photography system to be carried on various processing, editing, saving and output (such as printing, etc.) or entering into multimedia system and electric mail box by computer.
  If further connecting to image analysis computer operating system, it can also research and analyse metallographic atlas, precisely measure image, analyse, Stat. and output graphic report of multi-function image.

Metallographic microscope 4XC:
1. Structure: converted trinocular drawtube, inclining angle:30 °, pupil distance and diopter are adjustable, four-objective converter.
2. Total zoom multiple: 100 X ~ 1000 X
3. Plan achromatic objective: 10X,25X,40X,100X
4. Plan eyepiece: 10X
5. Micro eyepiece: Plan adjustable focusing, division value: 0.1mm
6. Micrometer: Division value: 0.01㎜/1㎜
7. Double-layer mechanical loading table: 200×152㎜  Moving range: 15×15㎜
8. Focusing institute: coaxial coarse/ fine adjusting  , inhibiting protection, lifting range: 30 mm  fine adjusting: 0.002 mm
9. Illumination system: lighteness is adjustable, halogen lamp: 20W / 6V with filter
10. Power supply: 220VAC(50Hz)/110VAC(60Hz)

Image metallographic microscope 4XC-V configuration:
1. Metallographic microscope 4XC
2. Image adaptor
3. Image transducer vidicon
4. Image catching card
5. Microcomputer and printer (Provide for yourself)