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Table style projector 23JA
     As a non-contacting measuring instrument, Table style projector 23JA can avoid the measurement force to affect the measuring accuracy.
The lighting system and objective lens all take use of telecentric optical path, which can make the lighting be well-distributed, and avoid focusing error caused by the elimination of measurement error.
The instrument take parts of the test apparatus for transmission profilometry measuring, the objective lens with reflective lighting system can detect the object surface situation and shape, position size. It is also available to detect all kinds of parts with complex surface shape and profile, and for the detection of abrasive and cutting tools. It is especially suitable for the detection of a variety of small and special-shaped parts. It is very convenient for the high-volume use of template contrasting detection.
1.       Objective lens

Magnification 10x 20x 50x (reflection) 100x (optional)
Objective vision field (mm) Φ30 Φ15 Φ6 Φ3
Objective working distance(mm) 73.29 50.69 12.8 13.5

2.       Projector screen: Φ300 mm (with ordinate lines)
Rotating scope: 0~360°; division 1°; cursor division: 6’
3.       Working table :152 x 152 mm
Measurement range: X-Y 50x25mm
4.       Lighting system: 15W / 24V


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