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Digital Projector JTC300
JTC300 digital projector is a kind of optical measure instrument to measure geometrical elements of tested object in the method of coordinate measuring and figure comparative measuring. It is direct, precise and effective. By the way of transmission and reflection illuminating, it can measure length, angle, figuration and surface of tested parts, especially suitable for examining small or composite parts, such as horologe component, templet, die, knife, etc. Projector is one of common-use instruments in factory, mine, enterprise, measure room, senior academy, and science research. It is equipped with data output interface to contact to computer to carry on corresponding planar measuring program, further convenient to calculate measured data and enlarging use range.
1.Projection screen
 Dimension: φ300mm
 Rotary range: 360°gyration-type
 Angle measuring digital display Min. displayed value: 1′
 Precision of angle measuring displayed value: 6′
2. Objective lens
Magnification Objective view field Working distance(mm)
10x Φ30 75
20x Φ15 70
50x Φ6 27  
100x Φ3 26  
3. Worktable distance (mm)
X-coordinate 0-150   Min. displayed value 0.001
Y-coordinate 0-50    Min. displayed value 0.001
Z-coordinate 0-80   (Focusing distance 50)
4. Illumination lamp-house
   Transmission illuminating: 24V 250W Bromine tungsten lamp
   Reflection illuminating: 24V 250W Bromine tungsten lamp
     Length unit may display in metric system or British system according to need. It is equipped with X/Y data input interface to contact to microcomputer and expend its function by using measuring software, also equipped with circulate worktable and finial bracket for choosing.

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