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19JC digital all-purpose tool microscope
Classify type of measure instrument, 19JC nearly contains all measures of testing geometry. With complete function, high precision, convenient operation and durability, this instrument is a normal equipment in precise machinery field, effective testing gist for measure & examination dept., and right hand of science research and teaching field.
 Adopting grating subdivision and digital technology, 19JC has the characters of direct reading and good consistency, which greatly improves work efficiency and further enlarge use range.
 Digital-display device of this instrument has data output interface, which may be extended to contact with planar data gather and computer measure operating system to upgrade as 19JPC microcomputer-type all-purpose tool microscope.
Main technical specification of instrument 
1. Measuring range and division value
 X-Y-coordinate  Measuring range 200×100㎜   Division value0.0002㎜
 Collimation microscope  Lifting distance:120mm
                  Arm of force inclining range: both 15°left and right   Division value: 10′
                 Illumination grating adjusting range: φ3~φ32㎜   Division value:1㎜
Clinometer eyepiece  Angle measuring range: 360°  Division value:  1′
Figure eyepiece   Angle measuring range: ±7°  Division value:10′
                Circulate arc reticle   Curvature radius: R0.1~100㎜
                  Screw reticle   Common screw distance t = 0.25 - 6㎜
                                Trapezia screw distance T = 2 - 20㎜
Optical dividing head  Measuring range: 360°Division value:1′
Optical localizer   Diameter of measuring headφ3±0.1㎜
                   (Actual high-point diameter error can not more than 0.5μm.)
                    Measuring force   8 - 14g
                    Max. measuring depth  15㎜
Glass worktable   Glass worktable dimension: 215×130㎜
Thimble bracket   Max. clamping diameterφ100㎜
                  Max. clamping length: diameter of tested part≤ 55㎜, 750mm
                                     diameter of tested part > 55㎜, 600mm
High thimble bracket  Max. clamping diameter: φ180㎜
                   Max. clamping length: 600mm
V-type bracket:  Left V-type bracket front and behind adjusting range: both 5mm front and behind.
                  Right V-type bracket upper and downward adjusting range: upper 15mm; downward 3mm
Max. carrying capacity:40kg

value of objective’s zoom multiple
zoom multiple Clinometer or figure eyepiece 10× 30× 50×
Double-image eyepiece 15× 42× 65×
Field of view Clinometer or figure eyepiece φ20 φ6.6 φ4
Double-image eyepiece φ13 φ4.7 φ3
Working distance Clinometer or figure eyepiece 81 90 65
Double-image eyepiece 47 85 63

3. Instrument precision
 Temperature requirement (1)Workroom temperature should be 20 ± 2 ℃.
                         (2)Workroom temperature change can not exceed 1 ℃ per hour.
                         (3)Tested part and instrument temperature difference can not exceed 0.5 ℃.
In the condition of meeting all temperature requirement, the instrument has the following guarantee:
(1)X-Y-coordination  When using glass millimeter ruler to examine, the Max. un-precision of the instrument is;
      0-level:(1 + L / 100)μm  L: measuring length  Unit: mm
      When the ruler corrects according to correction table, X-direction can not be more than 0.0035㎜.
Y-direction can not be more than 0.0025.
(2) Clinometer eyepiece: Max. un-precision: not more than 1′.
 (3) Double-image eyepiece: Instability of imaging: not more than 0.0005㎜
                            Incorrectness of imaging: not more than 0.001㎜.
(4)Optical dividing head: Max. un-precision: not more than 1′.
(5)Optical graduator: Instability of measuring: not more than 0.001㎜.
                      Incorrectness of measuring: not more than 0.0015㎜
Ⅳ Weight of instrument and overall dimension
Mainframe net weight: about 250kg
Overall dimension: (X × Y × Z):980 ×1020 ×640