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1X5 Sophisticated two-way Autocollimator
The apparatus can be widely used in all units of measurement, research institutes, universities laboratories, and large workshop rooms and measurement processing site of machine tools, precision instruments and precision flat rail for linear movement axis straightness measurement of the peace to the perspective of instruments and apparatus precision determination of the value of the angle.

Two-dimensional measurement apparatus using the principle of the structure, can be easily on horizontal, vertical direction and a straight line at the same time point of measurement, is a compact, portable, lightweight, easy to use, stable and reliable measurements of the measurement apparatus.

 Measured from the high: 0-10m
 Measuring range: angle value ± 10 '', line value ± 582um
 Measurement accuracy: angle value 100 "within ± 8"
 Line values: 97um within ± 2um
 Alignment accuracy: 0.5 "
 Sub-grid values: angle value of 1 "/ grid, line value 1um/220mm
 Base size: 200 × 72mm
 Input power: 6 V 5W
 Overall dimensions: 272 × 116 × 164mm

 Complete sets of equipment:
 1. Main instrument: 1 set
 2. Adjustable mirror: 1 pc
 3. Transformer: 1 pc
 4. Lens shield: 1 pair
 5. Reflective protective cover: 1 pc
 6. Lamp beads 6V5W: 1 pc