Shanghai Optical Instrument No.5 Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Optical Instrument Factory, established in 1953), was a well-known optical instrument factory in China at the beginning of its establishment. It is a well-known enterprise in precision optical instrument manufacturing and optical component processing. The main products are Measurement, testing instruments, microscopes, physics, analysis, medical, teaching and other optical instruments.

In terms of scientific research and teaching, Shangguang has obtained a total of 107 scientific research achievements since the establishment of the factory, of which 35 are at the national level. Production of practice materials.

In terms of supporting national defense, Shangguang has successively manufactured and researched high-quality military submarine telescopes and anti-aircraft gun continuous variable magnification command mirrors, etc., and contributed its own strength to my country's national defense cause.

In terms of aerospace business, Shangguang has developed high-altitude photography wide-angle mirrors, aviation special gratings, satellite monitoring filters, satellite and missile trajectory coordinate analysis and measuring instruments, etc.

In terms of supporting the cultural industry, Shangguang has developed underwater cameras, photosensitive film molds, wide-angle lenses for wide-screen movies, color TV beam splitting prisms, and multi-layer anti-reflection coating technologies.

In terms of independent innovation, Shangguang has developed the first domestic cervical cancer fluorescence detector, the first domestic universal tool microscope and the 100,000 times electron microscope.

At the same time, in order to develop my country's optical industry, our factory has assisted in the construction of many professional optical instrument companies in the mainland, including Guiyang Xintian, Chitian and Anhui Xianfeng. In history, SGL has also made joint ventures with many well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Leica and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has made strong contributions to the development of my country's optical industry. In order to speed up the upgrading and revitalization of my country's optical measuring instrument manufacturing industry, reshape the former glory of Shangguang, and jointly promote the national and local economic development, the company will rely on the various resource advantages of the investment shareholders to accelerate the development of the enterprise, in order to repay the society and new and old customers. The love of corporate products.