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Basic idea

People-oriented, pursuing the common development of individuals and society


Corporate values

Customer satisfaction: discovering customer needs, bringing value to customers, respecting and caring for customers

Respect for the individual: open and honest communication, fair treatment at all times, mutual trust, mutual support, acceptance of different things

Teamwork: Support for teamwork spirit, support for other team members

Sense of achievement: common vision and goals, sense of responsibility, determination to fight for victory, praise

Knowledge sharing: Active knowledge sharing, independent acquisition of new knowledge

Continuous Learning: Be innovative and courageous, support development, tolerate failure, never be complacent, remain humble and open-minded


Our commitment

Shanghai Optical Instrument No.5 Factory Co., Ltd. is a professional optical instrument manufacturing company. The dawn of the new century has endowed us with vigorous vigor, innovative personality and continuous enterprising courage.

We firmly believe that only innovative companies can remain invincible in the new competitive environment, and all our business activities should create economic benefits and improve the quality of life for the people affected by the company; everything we do is Should have a positive impact; we will be open and honest in our relationships and take responsibility for our actions.


For society, we promise

Comply with national regulations and operate honestly

Respect for individual dignity and rights

Handle all relationships on the basis of mutual benefit, earn the trust of others and be willing to deal with us

Strive to win new customers with new thinking and new creativity

Strive to improve financial performance and maximize the long-term interests of shareholders


For our employees, we promise

Create a work environment that values ??mutual trust and respect, values ??differences, and encourages participation, so that every employee:

Understand the company's requirements for your position

Open and constructive discussions about their respective performance

In a culture of innovation, each employee's abilities can be improved and they can develop themselves within the company.

Personal performance is promised and rewarded competitively

Opportunities to express opinions and make their own contributions to improving collective performance

be treated fairly and without discrimination

Support for personal choices