Where is the Shanghai metallographic microscope useful?

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Computer-based metallographic microscope or digital metallographic microscope is a high-tech product developed by integrating optical microscope technology, photoelectric conversion technology, and computer image processing technology. It can easily view metallographic images on a computer. , so as to analyze and grade the metallographic map, as well as output and print pictures. Metallographic microscopes are suitable for aerospace manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and inspection, petrochemical, railway, shipbuilding, power plants, power stations, equipment, large molds, safety inspection, quality monitoring, physical and chemical laboratories, etc. industry.

Metallographic microscopes can also be widely used in factories and laboratories to verify the quality of castings, inspection of raw materials, or research and analysis of metallographic structures after data processing.

In industrial measurement, metallographic microscopes are more accurate than image measuring instruments. Generally, metallographic microscopes are required for the measurement of parts with relatively high precision. The metallographic microscope is a microscope suitable for metallographic inspection and failure analysis of various large-scale workpieces on site. It does not need to be cut and sampled, but is directly ground and polished on the workpiece to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. Adsorbed on the workpiece to observe the on-site metallographic inspection of the organization.

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