Function introduction of video microscope

Time:2022-03-28 Click:327

At present, there are many types of optical microscopes on the market, especially under the trend of sustainable development of high-tech, the types of optical microscopes have also been greatly improved. Some optical microscopes with excellent functions have been recognized by most customers since they entered the market, and video microscopes are one such microscope, which are closely related to the functions and efficacy of optical microscopes. After all, we can attract more customers only if we have advantages in these areas.

The functions are as follows:

1. Accurate measurement and drawing. Accurate measurements and drawings are also possible while viewing raw materials and objects with a video microscope. With this type of light microscope, the specifications of all figures on most floor plans can be accurately measured. The role of drawing is also very good, because this optical microscope can be easily observed in the electronic computer monitor, and then various assembly drawings can be designed by relying on the drawing function in the electronic computer.

Second, the image output and input. Another function of the video microscope in the whole application process that other types of optical microscopes cannot have, that is, the output and input function of the image. Ordinary optical microscopes are observed by human eyes, and the image input and output functions of video microscopes can be displayed on the display screen, thereby reducing visual fatigue.

Because in the whole process of daily application, the appearance of specific product workpieces usually must be output to the relevant work software, so as to compare the product workpiece graphics, so as to realize the actual effect of analysis and observation.


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