Metallurgical microscopes are suitable for application areas

Time:2022-03-28 Click:347

In everyone's daily life, there are many objects and materials that cannot be distinguished by the human eye, and must be observed with an optical microscope at this time.

If the test object is different, the available optical microscopes will also be different. In general, if you observe metallic materials and some opaque objects, you must apply a special metallographic microscope. Metallographic microscopes are used to observe the material of objects. There are two types of metallographic microscopes, one is a computer-type metallographic microscope, and the other is a digital camera-type metallographic microscope. The former is used more in various industries. The difference between this optical microscope and other types of optical microscopes is that one directs light through refracted light and the other directs through projected light.

Due to its relatively stable characteristics and large field of view, metallographic microscopes have been widely used in the field of hardware product manufacturing. Because it can not only make relevant microscope observations in the eyepieces of optical microscopes, but also observe images on the monitor. The image after observation can also be stored and copied, so the actual effect will be very good.

Metallurgical microscopes have good applications in many industries. Not only the above-mentioned characteristics, but also five objective lenses with different magnifications are convenient for better observation. What needs to be understood is that objectives of different magnifications can observe objects of different sizes, which promotes the better application of this optical microscope in different places.


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