What is the principle of the video measuring instrument to measure the workpiece?

Time:2022-03-28 Click:331

The image measuring instrument is widely used, which can not only meet the sampling inspection of the workpiece to be measured, but also conduct batch inspection of the workpiece. So what is the principle of the image measuring instrument to measure the workpiece?

Imager-to-planar measurements: Imager scans can provide more data points for imager to evaluate form errors and align workpieces in much less time than traditional point-to-point methods. Therefore, the improvement of the assembly accuracy of the image measuring instrument can be reflected in the improvement of the overall measurement accuracy.

Imager-to-hole measurement: The high-speed scanning of the imager means that a large number of data points can be obtained in seconds, which enables the imager to fully characterize the hole, such as size, location and shape, and ensure high accuracy. Accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the video gauge can simulate the dimensions of plug and ring gauges, providing reliable calculations for large diameter workpieces that fit into holes.

Measurement of cylinders by image measuring instruments: Image measuring instruments can more accurately determine the shape and axis of cylinders by collecting a large number of data points on each measurement section, and image measuring instruments can evaluate key dimensions and shape features such as size and feature size, It supports the fitting analysis of the image measuring instrument workpiece, and can measure the length, width and height of the object through three coordinates, plus probe or laser.


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