What are the precautions when operating a video microscope?

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A video microscope is a precision instrument that can magnify tiny objects into sharp, positive three-dimensional images. It can be used for observation and analysis in medical and health, public security, schools, scientific research departments, etc. It is also suitable for inspection, assembly and maintenance of fine parts in the electronic industry and instrument industry. When using a video microscope, it should be installed and operated according to the instructions, so what are the operating points of the video microscope?

Precautions for video microscope operation:

1. Be sure to abide by the operating procedures and operate in strict accordance with the requirements. When taking the microscope application skills, hold the mirror arm with the right hand and the mirror base with the left hand, and place it gently. Do not lift with one hand and swing back and forth to prevent the eyepiece from sliding out.

2. Protect the lens, wipe the audition. A wipe that must be used for dust or dirt on the objective lens. Do not wipe with fingers, handkerchiefs, gauze and plain paper.

3. The objective lens must be switched with a converter to avoid lens falling off and damage.

4. When turning the focusing screw of the video microscope, do not use too much force, so as not to damage the parts and adjust the failure.

5. During the microscopic examination, sit up straight, generally use the left eye to investigate the object, and use the right eye to read the experimental newspaper and draw pictures. Both eyes must be opened at the same time to reduce dissatisfaction.

6. If the instrument has accumulated dust after long-term use, please do not disassemble it without permission. You can seek service from the manufacturer or dealer where you purchased it.

The above content introduces the key points of video microscope operation. The video microscope has a long working distance and a large clear range. When observing objects, it can generate stereoscopic three-dimensional space images, with strong stereoscopic effect and clear and wide imaging. Reliable performance and simple operation. Easy to use and beautiful in appearance. It can not only be used as teaching demonstration and observation and analysis of biological anatomy, but also can be widely used in electronics industry, precision engineering, plastics industry, medical treatment, biomedicine, public security system and other industries.


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